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We carry fireproof insulation solutions for a wide variety of industries and purposes up to 1600 ° C.


Seals for every purpose are part of daily business. We shape (almost) all sealing materials for our customers.

Expansion joints

Together with our sister company RBS Kompensator GmbH, we manufacture fabric expansion joints, bellows and insulating assemblies. Flange parts, metal and rubber expansion joints complete the range.

Foundry supplies

We have a wide range of feeders, filters and other additives that you need for an optimal casting result.

Conveyor Chains

The company founder has been working with conveyor chains since 1988. Then as now, we concentrate on high quality products of European origin.


Contractual partner for the products of Chesterton®. In our range you will find non-stick agents, coatings, liquid lubricants, cleaners as well as lubricating greases, mechanical seals and packings.


Product highlight

Aspen Aerogel ®

New in the range: Pyrogel ® and Cyrogel ®

Aspen Aerogels offers high performance aerogel insulation blankets for both hot and cold service applications. Our Pyrogel®and Cryogel® aerogel blanket insulation products have been widely used in industrial and building insulation markets for over a decade. Our unique patented process integrates aerogel into a fiber-batting reinforcement to create flexible, resilient and durable aerogel blankets with superior insulating properties.

The properties of the aerogels make them the solid with the lowest density and the most effective thermal insulator in the world.

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As a family company, the satisfaction of our customers is the highest priority.


Integrated into a strong corporate network, we plan and act on a long-term basis.

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